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Vintage Trouble Wants To Make You Shake

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Vintage Trouble Wants To Make You Shake

Vintage Trouble want to bring people back to a time when rhythm and blues ruled the scene and the dance floor was full of shakers. Having just finished a performance at Coachella and gearing up for a summer tour with the Who before opening for the Rolling Stones at Hyde Park this July, the Los Angeles band is bringing their vintage soul flavor to the masses.

"We listen to so much old music for inspiration and then we just try to give it who we are today to make it a little more contemporary," frontman Ty Taylor told Radio.com. "There's so many dance songs from back in the day and nowadays that's not the case. A lot of times people consider the best songs of the times to be the ones where you have to turn your head to the side and really listen and really get into it but the world is so heavy now that maybe all we need to do is just

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