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The Moonlandingz

The Moonlandingz

Parallel Lines presents
The Moonlandingz
+ Special Guests

Doors: 7pm
Curfew: 11pm

18+ (Photo ID Required)

The Moonlandingz - the band born from a semi fictional concept album by Sheffield electronic analogue weirdos the 'Eccentronic Research Council' and fronted by Fat White Family's legendary front man, Lias Saoudi - have been riding high on a tsunami of public affection since releasing their critically acclaimed debut Interplanetary Class Classics earlier this year with the group playing sell out headline shows and making incendiary festival appearances across the Globe throughout the year. Today they announce their biggest headline shows to date and their final tour of the year… possibly for a while.

The Moonlandingz' Adrian Flanagan explains:

"We never really expected that things would blow up for us the way they have, I never in a million years expected to walk out (for instance) at the Glastonbury Park Stage over summer to anything more than a tractor and a handful of Cat Weasel lookalikes in a K-hole, I certainly didn't expect to see smiling people as far as the eye could see. We seem to have tapped into something that has been missing from so called Rock & Roll or pop music for a long time - just by being inclusive to our audience and bringing something that is both a little Wild but also very fun and timely to the people - it's been a real joy for me to witness those effects from stage side... However, this past year or two our feet have had no time to touch the ground, no time to even truly create anything new and to be honest that's what I and all the Moonlandingz people and their various projects live for you know, creating some magic out of nothing in the studio, which ironically is the hardest thing to do when you're playing live all the time. You play 4 shows over a weekend, then need a couple of days to just feel normal again, before your thrown in the back of a van a day later, it leaves you with no time to be getting on with anything, especially as we all have our own other groups and musical projects, as great as it is to be busy or in demand it's a hard one to balance. The likelihood is this will be our last tour for some time, we may do the odd one-off show but we really do want to end the year on a high with a handful of big shows... I think once we've dredged our souls and put them into something musically fresh with our other groups, then hopefully, we will reconvene for phase two in Moonlandingz world… for now though, we are going back to Fiction!"