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Apparat (DJ)

Apparat (DJ)
£15 - 25 +BF

Avant Garde presents
Apparat DJ
+ Dean Mir
+ Steve R (Live)

18 + Photo ID required

Avant Garde was founded on a love of the experimental; the one-off moment that defines a night, a day, a year or a lifetime. Creating those moments, those connections and memories, those emotions, can be difficult, but hearing music live, hearing it raw and created or tweaked in the now, is one of the ways to create a truly special time. To that end, we’ve curated a lineup that flirts between the DJ and the man behind the machine.

Most of us will have experienced a time when a particular artist connects with us through their music; the sense of euphoria, the goosebumps, the hairs on one’s neck standing on end. Many have felt this through the eclectic sounds of one of Germanys most prolific electronica artist - Apparat. Apparat who is one half of Moderat is one of the most forward thinking and genre-defining musical entities of modern years.

This December Apparat will take us through a journey with a rare superextended set bringing some super special friends in tow.