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Rave of Thrones

Rave of Thrones
£15 - 35 +BF

Rave of Thrones
An Immersive Live Experience Featuring Kristian Nairn

18+ photo ID required

Winter is here… The Ice-dragon has melted and destroyed the wall that has kept the Wildlings and now infinitely more terrifying White Walkers and their armies of the undead at bay for thousands of years. Now the army of the dead descends upon us, which might just mean the apocalypse really is nigh for the citizens of the seven kingdoms.

With news spreading throughout the realm and landing within the city limits of Kings Landing, the advisors of the Small Council have decided, and the Master of Coin has signed off a budget on entertainment and merriment to keep spirits high from the commoners and smallfolk through to the squires and knights of the Kingsguard by throwing a party within a great and ancient Electric castle of Westeros… For the first time in their history, men and women from all classes and walks of life of this feudal system are granted entrance to a series of raves to signal the end of the world as they know it!!

The Master Of Coin has decreed that the the party, dubbed the 'Rave Of Thrones', should be a fully immersive experience, turning the grand theatrical and infamous hall of
‘Brixton’ to the perfect abode for a knee’s up of monumental proportions! The party to end all parties will be helmed by a suitably strong and valiant performer, Westeros’ giant of the north HODOR (Kristian Nairn). The mountain of a man who always stood head and shoulders above the rest has turned his post-humous career to the art of disc jockeying (however word amongst the little birds is that he has secretly been DJing for decades in the dive bars of The North), with support coming from other wantaway warriors, Ladies of Dorne and previous citizens of Westeros.

Entering the grand hall expect to brush shoulders with Daenarys with her remaining dragon children, Jon Snow will be showing his strength and warrior skills around the great halls, with sword fighting wildlings and nights, fire dancing, a full castle hall themed stage production with weapons and relics of Westeros hanging from all corners.

Especially for the ‘rave of Thrones’ party celebrations the small council and Cersei Lannister herself have commissioned a replica Throne, that even the lowest of commonfolk and wildlings alike can sit on during the course of this most exclusive of affairs.

There will be a lightshow and pyrotechnics to rival the siege and battle of Meereen in Slavers Bay, and lest we not forget that the armies helmed by their White Walkers might just arrive earlier than expected at any point in time through a jaw dropping blizzard…

The story of ice and fire will be spun to the tune of classic house and rave favourites for 2,000 lucky ravers of Westeros, so the final decree from the small council suggests for any citizen from across the seven kingdoms wishing to attend, you purchase your tickets with speed and swifter than a valyrian steel blade through a White Walkers breastplate.

This is a safe and inclusive party for all walks of life, from any house and no previously existing feuds between families of Westeros can be brought within the walls of the 'Rave of Thrones'. This will be a positive and enjoyable experience, not a Red Wedding.