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Tribo da Periferia

Tribo da Periferia
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Novilho de Ouro & Speed Fast present
Tribo da Periferia

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The Brazilian group Tribo da Periferia or simply TRIBO, for its millions of fans throughout the national territory, was founded in early 1998 by vocalist Duckjay. Born in Planaltina (DF), the group is recognized throughout Brazil and stands out for innovation and creativity in their compositions.

Duckjay (Luiz Fernando da Silva), creator of the Tribo da Periferia, is a Brazilian, as well as a singer, he is the author and music producer of his songs. Duckjay began composing still very young and today, in partnership with his friend Look, also singer and composer, form the Tribo.

Discography - 6 albums published: the first to be released was "Verdadeiro Brasileiro" (2002), followed by "Tudo Nosso" (2005). Six years after the release of the first album, the group went on to name the albums as "1º Último" (2011), "2º Último" (2013), "3º Último" (2014) and "4º Último" (2016). Currently the group is working on the next project "5º Último".

Hits - Some of the hits released by Tribe: "Trickster's Car" was one of the group's first hits. Then came "Can Look What I Leave", "Marciano", "Colombian's Birthday", "She's Turned" and "Pipe Soul", "Insomnia", "Lost in Narnia", "Nor Was Combined", "Sweet of the Soul" "Unpredictable", among others. All tunes from the Tribe are produced by Duckjay himself in his studio