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Shantel & Bucovina Club Orkestar + Special Guests

Shantel & Bucovina Club Orkestar + Special Guests

Shantel + Bucovina
+ The Actionettes - London's Original 60s dance troupe
+ DJ Sacha Dieu (Stranger Than Paradise)
+ DJ Russ Jones (The Hackney Globe Trotter)
Electroswing, Rock n Roll, Cumbia and Ghettofunk!

The Big Bucovina Anarchy & Romance Xmas Ball

Shantel's hits such as Bucovina, Disko Partizani and Super Bad Day, with their East European and Balkan Gypsy vibes, have spanked audiences into a joyous frenzy around the world. His Bucovina Club parties are legendary as is his live band Bucovina Club Orkestar. Maintaining the same jackhammer energy and hot brass from when he first kicked the door open, Shantel's new incarnation, Anarchy & Romance, adds a tight-guitar retro rock n' roll edge to create a sound and feel as if the Beatles had shared the stage in Hamburg in the 60s night after night with Gogol Bordello's dads.

If you've gone festival-wild to the brassy sounds of Fanfara Ciocarlia, Caravan Palace and Balkan Beat Box, and love the trans-Danube wanderings of Beirut; if you're in tune with the indie-meets-the world approach of Vampire Weekend; if you swing, tango or pogo, or all three, then cut your Anarchy with a little Romance this December and catch Shantel at the Electric.