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Alcest & Mono

Alcest & Mono

One Inch Badge Presents
Alcest & Mono

7pm - 11pm

14+ (under 16s accompanied by an adult)

ALCEST & MONO will join one another for a European tour starting in late October 2016.

The synergy between the music of these two revered artists is perhaps most keenly seen in the beauty and delicacy associated with both the post-rock and shoegaze genres; a sure mastery of the epic and a clear, shared delight in heavier tones and textures make them even more at home with one another.

France's ALCEST were founded in the year 2000 and almost single-handedly created the "blackgaze" genre. Combining elements of black metal and shoegaze was something that had never truly been done before, and they have developed this sound from 2005's 'Le Secret' on to 2014's 'Shelter'. The band are now finishing their latest album, to be released prior to this tour.

"Sheer, unadulterated beauty" - The Quietus

Japan's MONO formed in 1999, creating a unique approach of blending orchestral arrangements with shoegaze guitar noise. Over nine successful albums, including a live album with the New York orchestra, they have become synonymous with the sweeping majesty associated with instrumental rock and have become highly respected around the world. The band have finished recording their new album with Steve Albini at Electrical Audio in Chicago, ready to release before the tour.

"This is music for the Gods" - NME