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18+, photo ID required

In 2001 the world was introduced to CHAMBAO through Sony Music, with the release of their debut album "Chambao Flamenco Chill" (double disc collaboration, where Chambao show their peculiar ways of creating and feeling music alongside other bands and artists). After the launch, Chambao quickly gained popularity and was among the most played bands of the moment. The mix between flamenco fusion and electronic lounge music made with instruments created a new style of music recognized as having both Spanish and modern cosmopolitan city vibes.

In 2003, their second album "Endorfinas en la Mente" is released and Chambao's recognition grows enormously in Spain, making it one of the most popular bands in the fusion genre. With the release of this second LP the band enters the European and Latin-American markets. In 2005, they released their new album "Pokito a Poko" recorded in Punta Paloma studios in Cádiz. The album received critical acclaim and won some awards. Lamari shares her experiences and collaborations live with different bands and artists amongst the ranks of Mojo Project, Macaco, Jarabe de Palo, Javier Ruibal, Cesarea Evora, Ricky Martin, Antonio Orozco, Tabletom, Peret, Miguel Rios, Serrat, Lila Down, Estopa… In 2006 Sony Music produced a compilation called "Chambao Caminando 2001 – 2006". The album included two CDs and a DVD with Chambao's live performance at Castillo Sohail de Fuengirola Malaga, with special guests Miguel Campello (El Bicho), Bebe and Antonio Carmona. In 2007 "Con Otro Aire" is released. The CD/DVD included the music video "Papeles Mojados" and a documentary called "Desde Dentro" directed by Marc Dones and shot in Marrakech. It revolved around Lamari's thoughts and deep reflections regarding music and life. This is the first time Lamari assumed a production role in one of her own projects, working along side Bob Benozzo, Ale Acosta and Roberto Cantero. Special guest artists included Enrique Morente and his daughter Estrella Morente.

The album had a great reception throughout all the regions of Spain, even with its strong origins from the Mediterranean and the southern parts of the country. The record experimented with new influences from different latitudes of the world, in search of fresher sounds with solid ethnic roots. The lyrics were very personal and gave the audience a glimpse into her true feelings towards life: "Music is the closest sensation to an actual feeling, like love or freedom" In 2009 Chambao travels to the glacier of Perito Moreno located on the Argentinian Patagonia for a special concert, with no audience, called "Chambao en el Fin del Mundo".

Living in times when it's important to be conscience about global change and other crimes against nature. Songs like "Detalles" (first track on album), "Caprichos de Colores" or "Despierta" invite the listener to dream, believe and be aware of the existence of other worlds, besides ours, and the fact that they're not just possible but necessary.

In 2012, Chambao releases their self-titled album "Chambao" which maintains their well known essence, contemporary roots and also bring an extreme sensibility with songs like "Al Aire" with special guests Josemi Carmona, Chucho Valdés and Carles Benavent. The album was produced and mixed by Carlos Raya and marked the transition into a new style of music that progressively emerged through time. This album is nominated for a Latin Grammy in the category of "Best Contemporary Vocal Pop Album". In the same year Lamari also participated in the gala celebrating "Person of the Year" at the Latin Grammy Awards 2012, an award that went to the legendary Caetano Veloso, interpreting the song "Onde O Rio e Mais Bajano". In 2013 Chambao releases "10 Años Around The World" which included special guests like Nneka, Estrella and Enrique Morente, Javier Ruibal, Totó la Momposina, Lila Downs, Estopa, Toumani Diabaté, así como djs de la talla de Howie B, Max Sedgley, Paco Fernandez, Talvin Singh, Guilles Peterson y Afterlife. The album not only contains a second disc filled with more collaborations by Rosario Flores, Pau Donés (Jarabe de Palo), Peret, Mojo Poject, Cesarea Évora, Macaco, Ricky Martin, Calima, Mario Díaz, Ivan Lins y Antonio Lizana but also includes the track "Hoy puede ser un gran día" which is a homage to Gustavo Serrati. Between 2014 and 2015 Lamari continues to focus on working in collaborations. She worked with Ara Malikian on the Live Album/DVD titled "Ara Malikian 15", with all proceeds going to the Save The Children Foundation. She collaborated with Vanesa Martin, Antonio Lizana and also participated with Sole Gimenez, Ana Belen and Leonor Watling on an audiobook called "Avanzadoras". A project in which Oxfam Intermon pays tribute to twelve women from third world countries who stood up against discrimination and have changed not only their own lives but other women's too. In 2015, Lamari from Chambao licensed her album "10 años Around The World en Cuba" to EGREM, with all proceeds being donated to the National Institute of Oncology in Havana, Cuba.

In 2016, Lamari from Chambao joins producer Eduardo Cabra to launch her new album titled "Ciclo y Renovación Musical". The album includes the participation of great musicians like Alain Pérez, Henry Cole, Amir John Haddad, Tania Bernáez, Diego López, Juan Heredia and contains the collaboration of top artists like the great Jorge Pardo, Ara Malikian, Jorge Drexler, Ravid Goldschmidt and the special voices of Xavier Rudd, Juanito Makandé, El Kanka, El Cirguero and many more surprises. This album really set Chambao's music on a new evolutionary track from their pioneered "Flamenco Chill" style of music.