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Jan Blomqvist Live

Jan Blomqvist Live
£15 - 25 +BF

Soundbound presents
Jan Blomqvist Live

18+ photo ID required

The Jan Blomqvist sound is by now unmistakable. Deep and fat analog bass pads, layered and breathing dynamically, creating a melodic rhythmic drive and upbeat-yet-melancholic chords upon which Jan’s signature vocals play. His voice is what stands him apart from most live club and electronic concerts acts today, with his nonchalant monotonic verses, soaring refrain hooks, fuzzy distant tonal atmospheres and almost always on-point lyrics. All this is is spliced with massive club beats consisting always of 808 kick-drums, vintage drum-machine toms and hand-made, hand-played percussion grooves.

A written description of his sound though is just words. You can get a feeling for his sound when you listen to the audio of his 2 albums, numerous EPs, Remixes and Features (in total over 80 released tracks) on your turntables, headphones or stereo, but that feeling will pale in comparison to the feeling from the full experience of being in the crowd, on the dancefloor when he plays them live. You will know what I
mean if you have been at one of his 700 live concerts in the past 10 years. The near-overwhelming positive feedback and encouragement from fans and promoters has had him on constant tour, all over the world since 2012. It becomes easy to see then why he is considered among the most hard-working and passionate people in the music industry today, and his latest output, the 12 tracks that comprise the new Disconnected album, released in October 2018, shows he is just hitting his stride.