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B.Mundo and Primeira Linha present Orappa Live

B.Mundo and Primeira Linha present Orappa Live
£25 + BF

19:00 - 00:00
+ After show Midnight - 03:00 with O Rappa DJs


O Rappa announce a return to London on July 11, after a 6-year absence
from UK shores. An apt name for a tour by one of Brazil's hardest working,
and most acclaimed bands, Nunca Tem Fim… ('it never ends') is also
the name of their current album, released on Warners. The band will perform
songs from the album as well as classics to commemorate 20 years of life on
the road.

With Nunca Tem Fim, O Rappa have given a voice to the Brazilian working
class; the day-to-day struggles and the necessary strength required to
overcome them. In a land where oppression and subjugation can be the norm
for workers, O Rappa offer a joyful resilience and outlet. To accompany this
mood, melodies are swathed in dub, reggae, rock and hip-hop. At the heart of
the album is the band's desire to fuse new technologies and programs with
their existing sound; as evident in the guitar solos, loops, and variety of
rhythms and pitches that illustrate O Rappa's musical determination and lust
for life.

"Pra quem tem fé a vida nunca tem fim" in other words "for those who have
faith, life – it never ends…"